The Stars Of ‘Silicon Valley’ Aren’t Immune To Homoerotic Fan Art

There are certain genres of entertainment in which you expect enthusiastic fans to come up with imaginative (read: homoerotic) fan art. Sci-fi and fantasy, for instance. Pretty much anything comic book related. But a show about a bunch of geeky dudes chasing the next big algorithm in the tech capital of the United States? Oh, you better believe there’s homoerotic fan art.

Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday night, where he was confronted with an “interesting” drawing of his character Richard Hendricks getting spooned by Jared (Zach Woods). Apparently there’s an entire segment of Silicon Valley fans ‘shipping Richard and Jared? Wild stuff!

When asked what exactly was going on in the picture, Middleditch answered, “Well, that is, uh, I’d imagine, some passionate post-coitus? And what I like about it is like, A) Jared is big spoon and Richard is little spoon, but I’m sort of playfully holding on to his giant thumb as he gently gives me a kiss on the top of my head.”

Also, that is just so Jared to leave his socks on during coitus time. But he and Woods aren’t the only ones, as Middleditch explained, “There’s also a lot of fan fiction, of just like very erotic prose out there on the internet, of all the characters, Gilfoyle, Dinesh, they’re up to some real hanky panky.” Something tells us Gilfoyle would definitely not approve.