‘Silicon Valley’ Gets Renewed For Season Five In The Middle Of A Fantastic Fourth Season

We’re now halfway through season four of Silicon Valley and it’s clear that the HBO series about a bunch of tech dweebs clawing and fighting their way to the top (however many bumps they encounter along the way) isn’t showing any signs of age. In fact, the series is as strong as ever, with a season that has given us Papa Roach peel outs, a palapa and a yellow Corvette, one very stoned blood boy, lots and lots of dick pics, which was thanks to an app that was designed with a sole primary function to identify hot dogs — which became an actual thing you can download for yourself, and has many real world applications (as you can see below).

So it should come as little surprise to anyone that HBO hasn’t even bothered waiting until the fourth season concludes before picking up season five, as star Kumail Nanjiani exclusively tweeted Thursday afternoon.

This is fantastic news, but Silicon Valley wasn’t the only HBO comedy to score an additional season, as Veep has also officially been picked up for its seventh.

The sixth season has seen a shakeup, with Selina Meyer no longer POTUS and finding it difficult to adjust to life outside of the White House. But since real life politics have now become even stranger than fiction, maybe that’s for the best.

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