Zach Woods Explains Why The ‘Silicon Valley’ Stand-Ins Are Way Cooler Than The Cast

Silicon Valley is just a show about a bunch of thirtysomething dudes living in a swinging bachelor pad together in California. I mean, that’s one way you could describe the show to someone who has never seen it, leaving out the parts where the lead characters are nerdy computer programmers who are bad with women and rarely see sunlight, right?

That being the case, Seth Meyers pointed out on Wednesday night that the HBO comedy does not exactly boast a “classic Hollywood cast,” and that irony was definitely not lost on guest Zach Woods. See, like all television shows and movies, Silicon Valley employs a “second team” cast, which is basically a group of stand-ins who stand in place while the crew is setting up the shot so the “first team” cast can be preparing their lines or what have you.

But as Woods explained, “On most shows, it’s someone who is sort of a normal looking person who looks a little bit like Matt Damon or whatever and then they call first team and Matt Damon shows up. But in our show, the second team is so much better looking than the first team… So I’ll like see them setting up the shot and look at the monitors and I’ll be like, that looks like a TV show!”

“And then they’ll call us, and it’s like the freaks and the gargoyles have come to take over the cathedral,” he continued. And apparently the second team is even cooler in addition to being better looking! “Their conversations are like, ‘Hey man what are you doing this weekend?’ ‘Oh, I’m going to the football game, I’m working out, I’m going to the bar’ … Whereas like, among us, it’s like, ‘Oh, I’m painting a figurine of a centaur, I’m gonna go see if my favorite falconer is at the Renaissance fair.'”

We think Woods might be selling himself just a little bit short here, because, obligatory: