Say Goodbye To T.J. Miller On ‘Silicon Valley’ With All The Times Jian-Yang Owned Erlich

Silicon Valley wraps up its fourth season on Sunday night, and as you may have heard, we will be bidding adieu to series regular T.J. Miller in the season finale, whose character Erlich Bachman was last seen dropping in on Gavin Belson in a Tibetan monastery in the final moments of the penultimate episode. It is with much sadness that fans will see Erlich go, as Miller brought plenty of comic relief to the series. But probably the thing we’ll all miss most is his acrimonious rivalry with Jian-Yang, Erlich’s reluctant incubator tenant whose razor-sharp insults routinely cut the failed entrepreneur down to size.

In honor of Ehrlich (and Miller’s) final episode, the omni-platform entertainment company Super Deluxe has compiled this super cut of all of the times that Jian-Yang owned Erlich Bachman, so all the prank calls, fat jokes, “your mom’s,” and more fat jokes may live on in our hearts forever.

While Miller is undoubtedly happy to move on with the next stage of his career, goodbyes aren’t easy, and on Thursday he likewise tweeted the video while ruminating on the upcoming finale: “It is bitter. It is sweet. It is sorrow.” You can say that again. Probably the last we’ll see of these two together is Jian-Yang literally throwing Erlich out of the Aviato van at the airport.