Simon Pegg Became Drunk Ron Weasley To Sing Harry Potter Happy Birthday

Editorial Director

Admittedly, the premise is better than the end product, but it’s still Simon Pegg donning a giant wig of red hair and Gryffindor cloak, chugging a pint and drunkenly wishing Harry a happy 33rd birthday before devolving into the hot mess we’d all expect from a highly inebriated Ron Weasley in his thirties. The GIF set on the next page is really all you need.

Probably even more interesting is Pegg’s actual interview with Jimmy Fallon, where they discuss Comic-Con, the highly anticipated (around these parts, anyway) The World’s End, and just being British in general, which will always be my favorite part of any Simon Pegg sit down.

And now for more about The World’s End. I’ve been asking them to take my money since I heard “third installment of the Cornetto trilogy,” but then sci-fi pub crawl comedy details released and upped the ante even further. And now that I know Simon Pegg’s character has been stuck in a high school goth phase for twenty years, let’s just say anticipation levels are at a scary high.

And now we all know the story behind “Cornetto Trilogy” and it couldn’t be more fitting.

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