Simone Biles Shut Down The ‘DWTS’ Judges With ‘Smiling Doesn’t Win You Gold Medals’ And Everyone Loved It

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05.08.17 35 Comments


Simone Biles is one of the best, if not flat out the best, Olympic gymnast in the history of the sport. The multiple gold medal-winning athlete wowed the world with her performance in Brazil last summer and now Biles is doing what many Olympic athletes do after their careers are over by capitalizing on her fame with as many sponsorships, book deals, and appearances as she can before the chance goes away. Currently, that capitalization has taken the form of her participation on Dancing With The Stars where she has followed in the path of many other previous Olympic athletes that appeared on the show. Namely, by absolutely crushing the competition so far.

Well, almost. One way that Biles hasn’t exactly mastered the competition yet is that she hasn’t had any perfect scores for her routines. On Monday night’s show, she was once again kept from achieving a perfect score and the reasoning behind it was pretty obtuse. The judges told her that she was “too perfect” and that she basically needed to loosen up and have more fun on stage.

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