When Will Your Favorite ‘Simpsons’ Episodes Be On During FXX’s 13-Day Marathon?

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This Wednesday or Thursday, millions of Americans will travel to be with their families for Thanksgiving, and possibly longer. That’s a lot of people for a lot of time in a small amount of space — it can be too much, especially when That Uncle starts blustering about Donald Trump making America great again. You could use a break. Fortunately, FXX has you covered with a Simpsons marathon. Not just any Simpsons marathon, either, but the longest-running marathon in television history, with 600 episodes spread over 13 days.

From Thursday, Nov. 24, until Wednesday, Dec. 7, you can turn on FXX at anytime, day and night, and be greeted with The Simpsons‘ warm glowing warming glow. Use the marathon as an excuse to take a breather and watch “Homer Goes to College” for the 47th time. That should recharge you for Grandma’s next round of questioning. You can even plan your breaks in advance, thanks to FXX releasing the episode schedule ahead of time. Below, you’ll find the 20 “best” episodes according to IMDb users — I’d replace “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” with “A Milhouse Divided,” but I also sleep in a race car bed, so what do I know? — and when they air during the marathon. Thirteen straight days of The Simpsons? That’s even better than 12 bucks and a cookie.

(You can always use Simpsons World, too.)

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