This ‘Simpsons’ ‘Making A Murderer’ Parody Is Perfection

New York Magazine and Vulture continue to put together some great mash-up remixes of pop culture, this time taking the trailer for Netflix’s hit documentary series, Making a Murderer and re-imagining it as a particularly epic episode of The Simpsons. Homer Simpson is the video’s Steven Avery, while the Springfield Police Department fills the role of the Manitowoc Sheriff’s Department, which of course means there’s ample footage of them being ridiculously corrupt and unethical throughout.

It’s actually amazing how many shot-for-shot recreations Vulture was able to find to match scenes out of Making a Murderer. Even after 27 seasons and the South Park revelation that “Simpsons Did It” all before, there’s still a remarkable amount of synchronicity that has been put into this trailer. My new whackjob Making a Murderer theory: the writers and animators for The Simpsons were actually responsible for the murder that Steven Avery is currently spending life in prison for.

That’s the only rub with this video: It seems to forget that Making a Murderer isn’t just some fluffy popcorn entertainment for us to laugh about. Teresa Halbach is dead. Steven Avery and Brendan Dassy are in jail for life over it. A murderer may be roaming free. And as Avery’s lawyers have explained, this kind of thing can happen to anyone in America if they’re accused of a crime and don’t have the resources to hire a lawyer and fight it.

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