‘Simpsons’ Showrunner Al Jean Reveals His Plan For The End Of The Series

Two major caveats to throw in here before we get to the good stuff:

  • As Simpsons showrunner Al Jean points out in this interview right before he lays out his ideal ending for the long-running Fox series, The Simpsons is basically Fox’s highest-rated non-football weekly program right now. This says a lot about the ludicrous staying power of the show, sure, but it says even more about what a disaster Fox’s Fall 2014 schedule has been. The point here is that any discussion of “the end” appears to be very premature at this point.
  • As Jean also points out, no one has even asked him for his take on this yet, and the final decision will certainly be run up the flagpole to your Groenings and James L. Brookses for approval when the time comes.

But. With That said.

[T]here is an ending I’ve always had in mind, which was, I thought it would be cool if in the last episode they’re getting ready to go to a Christmas pageant, and they go to the Christmas pageant that opens up the first episode, “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire,” so the entire series is a loop with no end.

You know what? I like that. In fact, I like it so much I kinda wish I hadn’t read it, just in case it ends up happening. It would’ve been a fun little surprise to unpack. Knowledge is a two-sided coin like that.

UPDATE: Whoooooops. Turns out this is not only months-old information, but months-old information we covered months ago. My apologies.