‘Sin City’ Is Jumping To The Small Screen

Sin City, for its time, was a bold attempt to translate Frank Miller’s experimental noir comic, precisely as it was drawn and written, to a new medium. That said, bold attempts don’t usually become franchises, and Sin City: A Dame To Kill For didn’t excite critics or audiences. Still, this is Hollywood, and no franchise will be left fallow if you can make a TV series out of it.

Deadline is reporting that Sin City is in the works as a TV series, with former Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara handling the writing, B-movie impresario and Sleepy Hollow director Len Wiseman behind the camera, and producer Stephen L’Heureux, who handled money for the sequel, overseeing it all. Don’t, however, expect Marv, Nancy, or any of the show’s other characters to turn up; Mazzara has been tasked with writing entirely new stories.

There’s no network yet, but apparently interest is high. The main question is where it’ll wind up and how far the show will be allowed to go. Miller’s original comics were bloody affairs that take place in a city where nobody, male or female, wears pants for any meaningful length of time. How, and if, the creative team will get around standards and practices will be a curious question. We’ll likely find out soon enough.

(via Deadline)