Single Serving Site: Cosby Sweaters

I’m always hesitant to endorse single-serving Tumblr sites, because you never know when the person running the blog will just get bored and stop posting (lookin’ at you, Faces of the Last Season of Oprah), but this one seems noteworthy: The Cosby Sweater Project. The author is going through the show season by season (he or she is presently working through Season 2) and posts the more woeful fashion decisions paired with a drawing of the design. It’s simple but elegant, and a refreshing break from the recent spate of ’90s nostalgia.

Besides, The Cosby Sweater Project more than justified its existence with this post:

I’d forgotten all about that episode! Theo gets a fancy designer shirt, then Cliff makes him return it, and then Denise tries to make a knock-off for him. Oh my God, I just did some Googling and the episode is on YouTube. Gotta go, see you in 22 minutes.

[via BuzzFeed]