Site News: New Ways To Annoy Each Other

12.22.11 43 Comments

Hear ye, hear ye! Sayeth the throne, "Please don't be creeps!"

A ways back, when Uproxx first started rolling out its new layout and commenting system, I promised you all that there would be exciting features like threaded replies and direct messaging. Well, GUESS WHAT? That stuff is HERE. Now you have newer and more efficient ways to yell at each other about which celebrity and/or show and/or political ideology is, like totally dumb all the time. Huzzah for discourse!

In all honesty, this should really improve the commenting experience at Uproxx. Replying to someone who commented a page or two above you was unwieldy, and made more for clunky, disjointed conversations. Now you can just click the reply button under the comment and keep each discussion in its own little tidy area. Also, now you have the ability to send private, direct messages to each other. If you have an account, all you have to do is click on someone’s avatar and then find the little box in the top right of their Recent Comments box that says Send Message. And when someone sends you a message, you’ll receive an email at the address you registered with, and you can reply directly from your inbox. Or you can just check your profile thingy at the top right of the Warming Glow homepage. It’s super easy. So easy, in fact, that I’m already looking forward to all of your drunken messages about the various ways I did or did not ruin this site.

In conclusion, here is a picture of a baby polar bear. Have a blessed day.

pic via @petzrawr

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