‘Skyfall’ Actor Rory Kinnear Reportedly Asked To Be The New Doctor Who

According to a report in The Telegraph, the BBC has asked British actor Rory Kinnear to take over the role of Doctor Who once current star Matt Smith steps down at the end of this year.

“He has been offered the part and we are waiting to hear if he will accept,” says my man in the Tardis. “He is the perfect choice.”

The 35-year-old alumnus of St Paul’s School, George Osborne’s alma mater, is the son of Roy Kinnear, the celebrated actor.

He played the MI6 officer Bill Tanner in Skyfall and Quantum of Solace, the James Bond films, and won acclaim for his stage performances in productions of Othello, Mary Stuart and Hamlet.

Dustin ranked Kinnear as the best, most realistic candidate for the role in his post last week, so this is probably good news. I don’t know. I still think it would have been nice if they tried something different this time, like, say, Gary Busey. Or DMX. Or Gary Busey and DMX, both playing the same role, tagging in and out between — hell, during — scenes without reason or explanation. That could have been fun. Sure, it would have driven the long-running series straight into the ground and led to a violent nerd riot in the streets of major metropolitan areas around the world, but hey, gotta crack a few eggs, you know?