‘Sleepy Hollow’ And ‘Bones’ Are Getting A Very, Very Strange Crossover Episode

Sleepy Hollow is a pretty strange show in a lot of ways, what with the time travel and the conspiracies between the Founding Fathers and all that. Bones, the forensics procedural featuring a bunch of nerds with zero social skills, would seem to be the audience rather than a show it crosses over with. But, apparently, Fox will be doing exactly that.

The two shows are airing back to back on Thursdays this season, so the crossover episodes will air back-to-back, according to EW. And at least the beginning incident of any crossover makes sense: Ichabod and Abbie spend a lot of time messing with dusty old skeletons, the Bones crew spend a lot of time messing with dusty old skeletons, all you need is an intriguing-enough dusty old skeleton. Although considering some of the stunts the Headless Horseman pulls, we could also see the Bones crew coming to figure who he’s turned into a Jack O’Lantern or something this week.

That said, you’ve got to wonder how a show that’s ostensibly about science is going to mesh with a show featuring zombies, ghosts, hell dimensions, and whatever Katrina’s plotline was supposed to be. At least Ichabod will blend in with the various weirdos on Temperance Brennan’s staff; we’ll find out how well sometime this season.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)