‘Sleepy Hollow’ Survives Cancellation But Two Other Fox Shows Weren’t As Lucky

Wow. Normally you need premium cable to get this sort of bloodbath. The Great Cancellation Deathapalooza of 2016 continues to roll on with the stench of rotting network offerings in the air and new snuffed out shows being added by the hour. Fox, who has already dumped The Grinder and Grandfathered, called it a day for two more of their programs while granting an additional season to another.

Deadline reports that Sleepy Hollow will live to see another day. Considering the immense sh*tstorm April’s season three finale caused, there was a sizable number of series die-hards that might have been okay with Sleepy Hollow‘s renewal bubble bursting. Enjoy your latest reset, supernatural drama enthusiasts!

The news was not so kind for the now-cancelled shows Minority Report and Second Chance. (Yes, there was a Minority Report TV series. It happened and no one really watched. No precog skills were necessary to figure out its future fate.) Both freshman dramas from Fox seemed likely to be given the ol’ heave-ho, so public mourning for these two shows may be at a minimum.

If there’s anyone particularly bummed out by these Fox chops, remember that the reliably insane Wayward Pines continues to live and thrive with a second season premiering at the end of the month. FEEL THE ELECTRICITY!

(Via Deadline)