Smells Sweeter Than A Mose: Michael Schur's Cop Comedy Was Bought By Fox

08.22.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

By this time next year, NBC’s comedy slate will likely look very different than it does today, and not for the better. The Office and 30 Rock will be gone, eliciting yay! and boo! reactions from the collective known as People On the Internet, and it’s doubtful that the Peacock, which is on the lookout for “broad” sitcoms, a.k.a. could’ve been on CBS, will pick up both Community AND Parks and Recreation for another low-rated season. So, what does a Big Four sitcom fan have to look forward to, especially if the Michael J. Fox show isn’t the network-saver NBC hopes it is and ABC’s Happy Endings doesn’t get renewed for season four?

Oh, just a cop comedy from Ken Tremendous himself, Michael Schur. That is Xbox pancake-level good news.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

The Parks and Recreation co-creator, along with Parks and Rec producer Dan Goor, has nabbed a put-pilot commitment for his single-camera comedy about a diverse group of detectives in a precinct at the very edge of New York City. The half-hour project, which found itself at the center of a bidding war, hails from Universal Television and 3 Arts Entertainment.

The news comes mere hours after Schur, a former Saturday Night Live writer, inked a new two-year overall deal at Universal TV, which is actively selling fare inside and outside of NBC. Schur also is a co-executive producer on The Office, whose upcoming ninth season will be its last. (Via)

I don’t know what “the very edge of New York City” means (the Bronx?), but I don’t care. It’s Mike Schur, and Mike Schur is awesome, despite his fondness for Boston athletics. It’s not too early to imagine spinoffs, right? Which is to say: Copcophony, starring Ron Swanson as the surly, suspender-wearing Chief Patterknack, who always plays the books, and Andy Dwyer as Officer Macklin, a wannabe FBI agent with nothing to lose, but everything to learn. (Yes, it’s a prequel.) Kyle’s there, too, always one day away from retirement.

Anyway, this news deserves the official Jean Ralphio Seal of Approval:


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