Sneak A Peek At The First Two Minutes of the Seventh Season of 'Dexter'

At Comic-Con yesterday, Showtime previewed the first two minutes of the seventh season of Dexter. (SPOILERS if you haven’t caught up). It picks up exactly where the (dismal) sixth season left off: With Dexter plunging a sword into Travis (Colin Hanks) and Deb walking in on him. How does Deb deal?

Basically, she’s her typical “What the f— Dex” self. Disbelief, a little shock, and by the end of the clip, she’s raising her phone to call the station. Dexter does NOT confess fully to all the heinous crimes he’s committed over the last six seasons, so obviously those confessions will peter out over the course of the season. He has to acclimate Deb to the news. The full video is below, but per THR, there were some other revelations about the show at the panel.

For instance: Dexter’s favorite kill is also most viewers’ favorite kill:

“I gotta say, the biggest prize would have to be Trinity. He was the most prolific killer at the time that Dexter had ever killed,” ” [Michael C. Hall] said to applause. “[The kills] are like my children,” he deadpanned.

Yvonne Strahovski, who is in the next season of the show, also talked about her role and the difference between Dexter and Chuck.

Strahovski, who plays Hannah, a woman with a past that Miami Metro turns to reopen old cases, said Buck called her about the role and said it took her “about a second” to decide to do the show. Added Buck: “I think there’s a slightly mysterious quality about her.” As for the difference between Chuck and the Showtime drama, Strahovski said the energy on the shows was very different. “It’s not so crazy. I’ll just say it, Dexter’s better. I feel like I have to say that, I’m at the Dexter panel!”

Per Daniel Fienberg over on Hitfix, one questioner at Comic-Con asked the cast about their most embarrassing moment.

Jennifer remembers in the first season when they were shooting on the ice and she slipped and smacked her head. “It explains a lot, doesn’t it?” Carpenter says. “One time I rammed the Slice of Life into a pier. $8,000 worth of damage. Yup. I didn’t have to pay for it,” Hall says.

Finally, here’s that two-minute preview.

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