Aidy Bryant’s ‘Bunny’ Gives Her Hilariously Unfiltered Perspective On Men And Sex On ‘SNL’

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Dating can feel impossible sometimes. (Especially if you’re SNL host Natalie Portman romancing an alien’s butt.) It’s in these moments of romantic frustration that a new perspective can really change the way you approach life. On last night’s go-around of Saturday Night Live, three girlfriends (Portman, Cecily Strong and Heidi Gardner) lamented the lousiness of men and the dating scene over martinis before encountering an impossibly charming (and gleefully shameless) barfly named Bunny (“Bun-ny”) played by Aidy Bryant.

Bryant’s Bunny isn’t as weighed down by expectations or norms or even a basic awareness that milk and whiskey shouldn’t be combined. She’s happy to hunt her men by all kinds of nefarious means (hello Catfishing!) and she doesn’t see why the trio of girlfriends are so damn picky. When the women complain about an eggplant emoji text sent their way, Bunny has a completely different response.

“Well damn if I got a text like that I’d Kool-Aid Man straight through the brick wall so fast my pants rip off and by the time I’m at his door it’s full beef,” explains Bunny with relish.

Her methods may sometimes be unorthodox, but Bunny is enough of an endearing, charismatic weirdo to pull it off. It’s an awesome showcase for Aidy Bryant who frankly deserves more of them.

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