Cities Across America Go Over The Top To Try And Land Amazon’s HQ2 On ‘SNL’

The thirst to play host to Amazon’s second headquarters is very much real. The massive wave of bids, full-on campaigning and the weird economy game show element have now been melded into an SNL casserole taking aim at the entire process.

On last night’s edition of the program, a number of competing cities stepped into Jeff Bezos’ office to make their pitch using whatever tactics necessary to curry the Amazon CEO’s favor. Local celebrities are trotted out, gizmos are employed and Cory Booker (Chris Redd once again putting in quality work) makes a last-ditch pitch for Newark.

“I know we’re not getting this at all,” concedes the senator while pushing the hashtag #TearsOfRage.

Boston, Atlanta and Miami are a bit more successful with their sales pitches. Miami’s promise of “a diverse group of people, all living in harmony together: Cubans, Jews, gays … lizards, bugs, beans, cocaine!” plus free use of Pitbull makes for an enticing offer.

“2018! Miami! This is all I do!” shouts the Duke of Dale.

It’s all goofs-n-spoofs, but the real point of interest might be Bezos (Kyle Mooney) and his oddly tender relationship with Alexa. If that’s not your cup of tea, there’s an out of control drone too. Please keep all this in mind when you’re asked by your city to campaign for HQ2.