‘SNL’ Gives ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ A ‘Sex And The City’ Twist

Sex and the City was an escapist fantasy where life was one long brunch date with the girls. But that was a long time ago (the final episode aired in 2004 — let’s pretend the movies, particularly the sequel, never happened). These days, there’s no escaping real life. Even our most acclaimed television shows, which used to be fun distractions, are “so brutal,” at least according to SNL‘s parody of The Handmaid’s Tale. But hey, at least it’s “more uplifting than the news.”

During tonight’s episode hosted by I Feel Pretty star Amy Schumer, Hulu’s Outstanding Drama Series-winning dystopian drama was given a Sex and the City twist. The shows have more in common than you might imagine: they both have a female-led cast (Peggy Olson and Carrie Bradshaw would not be friends) and rely on internal monologues. Except instead of talking about kicking last night’s fling out of the apartment, the ladies in “Handmaids In the City” discuss, “Under His Eye? What about under my eye! Look at these bags!” And when Kate McKinnon’s portrayal of one-eyed Janine (played on Handmaid’s by Madeline Brewer) mentions that she slept with a married couple, Schumer replies, “Three-way? How about a one-way ticket out of here?”

This could be you and your friends, y’know, “the way things are going.”