Why Are Some ‘SNL’ Cast Members On The Defense For Donald Trump?

10.04.16 2 years ago 23 Comments

Getty Image / NBC

NBC has taken plenty of criticism in past weeks thanks to their nurturing, friendly relationship with Donald Trump. Sure, the current NBC head blasted Trump on a private FB post, but the public relationship seems to be healthy. Trump hosted SNL in the middle of his campaign, he has had numerous playful interviews with Jimmy Fallon, and now he’s getting the benefit of the doubt from some SNL cast members.

Not to say that Colin Jost and Michael Che are fans of the guy, willing to put their vote out behind him and thrust him into The White House. What they’re putting out there in Glen Thrush’s Off Message podcast over on Politico isn’t even unreasonable, but it still makes you raise an eyebrow at this time in the election. It starts when Thrush brings up the election and the pair’s experience with Trump on SNL:

JOST: No, but he–it’s–they’re both–they’re both humans, right? They’re both–they’re both–

THRUSH: Let me write that one down.

JOST: They’re also–it’s strange. They’re both super smart people and super hardworking people.

CHE: And you can’t deny that. So like I–that’s what bothers me, when people make it seem like, “You know what? I’m smarter than Donald Trump.” Like no, you’re not, all right?

JOST: Yeah, you’re definitely not.

CHE: He’s a smart guy. You know, like that’s–

JOST: He’s probably harder working than you–

CHE: Should he be president? No.

JOST: –than almost anyone, right?

CHE: But he–you know, like let’s not pretend that this guy is a mutant, you know, and he’s the most evil, racist, mutant piece of crap that ever walked. Listen, there’s probably somebody in your building way worse than Donald Trump, and you buy bagels from him, and it’s fine. You know what I mean?

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