'SNL' Celebrates Itself with Will Ferrell

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05.13.12 25 Comments

“SNL” was REALLY proud of its recent history during last night’s episode. Whether it was appearances from former cast members (host Will Ferrell, Will Forte), resurrecting old characters (George W. Bush, the Culps), or honoring milestones (the 100th Digital Short), very little felt new, especially in the first half.

They were so busy celebrating themselves, in fact, that they forgot to write any good sketches, Lonely Island excluded. You’ve got one of the funniest people on the planet as your host, a former cast-member at that, and the best the show came up with is bringing back one of his weakest recurring characters and whatever the f*ck was going on in “Broadway Sizzle”. At times, I actually forgot Ferrell (who, to be fair, seemed a little under the weather) was the host because he was absent so much of the time.

Don’t look so proud of yourself, Lorne. This was the most disappointing episode of the season.

“Veep” has made all other Vice President jokes obsolete.


Meh. (I don’t wanna hate on someone’s mom — on Mother’s Day, no less.)

This is where I would have embedded a video of the Culps, but because of dumb copyright rules, I can’t. The sketch was terrible anyway (I’ve never understood their ideal — uncool people singing hit songs isn’t a funny premise), so here’s a GIF of Jon Hamm humping Justin Bieber:


There were three jokes going on at once (the announcers, including Will Forte, talking about tampons; lady golfers; and Will Ferrell hitting on people before making an announcement about O.J. Simpson), and none of them landed. Women playing golf is such an easy, endlessly funny topic, too! Heh, lady golfers.

At least this was dependently hilarious. “…with the skin of a sundried Gremlin and the hairline of a Puerto Rican Beetlejuice.” How has Liam Neeson not hosted “SNL” since 2004?

Despite myself, I laughed. It wasn’t doing anything new, but Lonely Island has created enough good characters that, fine, let it celebrate itself. Plus, they got Jon Hamm to hump Justin Bieber (as you’ve already seen), and it’s always nice to see Justin Timberlake with a box on his dick, Natalie Portman rap, and Michael Bolton dressed as a gay pirate. This video is gonna be posted to a lot of people’s Facebook Walls today.


Jay Pharoah must hate everyone. There were some funny ideas here (Doctor Silky Delicious, a wig wearing glasses, Usher as a pimp), but the sketch never coalesced into anything funnier than its general premise. At least we’ll always have the memory of Abby Elliott wearing this dress:

It took over 70 minutes for Bill Hader to make an appearance. That’s not cool. You know what else isn’t cool? This is likely one of Kristen Wiig’s final “SNL” sketches, and although she occasionally bugs me, she deserves better than, ugh, “Broadway Sizzle.”

I can’t wait until this season is over.

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