‘SNL’ Uses ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ To Make Fun Of Oscar Winners, Oscar Losers, And Kenan Thompson

Celebrity Family Feud is typically a fun sketch on any SNL and a nice time to showcase some of the impressions from the various cast members. This one is a little hit or miss, but it does end up dropping a few good jokes about the Oscars and one major bit forcing Kenan Thompson to face down his tenure at SNL.

The basic idea is pitting the winners at the Academy Awards against the many, many losers. This includes Common, Willem Dafoe, Sally Hawkins, and Timothee Chalamet on the losers side, while Guillermo Del Toro, Frances McDormand, Allison Janney, and Get Out director Jordan Peele make up the winners side. It’s Peele, while not the best impersonation at all, that makes way for the Kenan joke, talking about how he had to leave sketch comedy behind and there comes a point where you have to move on.

It’s a fun part that has nothing to do with the sketch itself and plays into just how long Kenan Thompson has been doing sketch comedy of some sort and how important he is at SNL. That “Kenan reacts” piece of news from a few years back is no joke.

The sketch itself doesn’t give too much past the impressions, but Sterling K. Brown’s Common is pretty spot on and there’s never a bad time for a spoken word Common impression. Also, McKinnon as McDormand makes perfect sense. She could probably do the whole show at this point and it’d be great.

(Via SNL)