‘SNL’ Cold Open Finds Donald Trump Haggling Over The Shutdown On ‘Deal Or No Deal’

01.20.19 7 months ago

SNL has been off the air since before the holidays, and so much has changed. For instance, when Matt Damon’s episode aired, there was a fully functioning national government. The partial shutdown has been going on for almost a month, with no end in sight. So what better way to lampoon the ongoing crisis than with a sketch about a dead game show?

Alec Baldwin’s Donald J. Trump swung by, popping up on a briefly resurrected version of not The Apprentice but Deal or No Deal. Kenan Thompson played Steve Harvey, sitting in for a sick Howie Mandell (probably because who even has a Howie Mandell impersonation?), and he was here to reach out to the president in the only way the president can understand: “With a TV game show with women holding briefcases.”

The briefcases were held by a motley crew, some expected (Kate McKinnon’s Nancy Pelosi), some less so (Ego Nwodim’s Cardi B, here because of the latter’s surprise anti-Trump video). Each tried to offer Trump some tantalizing deal, though almost all of them weren’t so hot for a president who in real life will only say no deal. Chuck Schumer’s offer was “whatever you want,” before he amended it to “$15 and a pastrami on rye.”

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