The White House Physician Doubles Down On Trump’s ‘Perfect’ Physical And Mental Fitness On ‘SNL’

Donald Trump is a tremendous six foot three and 239 pounds. If he was one inch shorter or one pound heavier, he’d be bigly obese, but thankfully, he’s not. He wants the world to know that he has so much stamina, the best stamina, and all that golf he’s playing on the job is keeping him in peak physical condition. That’s why Aidy Bryant, as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is letting the world know that Trump’s first year has been perfect.

Most White House reporters won’t believe this very true information about the President’s great brain, especially coming from Sanders, so she introduces the White House physician who is here to assure you that the Pres has a “Rockin’ bod with the perfect amount of cushion for the pushin’ and a “gorgeous” 44-inch waist with legs that seem to go on forever.

Oh, and that physician… Given the chance, he would.

In fact, Donald Trump is so healthy he even passed the Tide pod challenge with flying colors. This man is a picture of health. He deserves a run to McDonald’s, or KFC, or even both. Throw some KFC on some McDonald’s and just let Trump’s metabolism take care of the hard work.

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