Alec Baldwin Returns To ‘SNL’ To Make Some Disastrous Phone Calls As Donald Trump

Where SNL will go with its cold opens is always up in the air given all of the news that pours out about Donald Trump during the week. The odds usually point to his involvement, but where it goes from there is a mystery.

The winner this week is Trump’s disastrous set of phone calls to Australia and Mexico, leaving the sketch show to add a few more names to the list and give Steve Bannon another memorable appearance in a cold open. Kenan Thompson likely saves this sketch as the leader of Zimbabwe that shows Trump what it truly means to be a dictator, but it’s hard to go wrong when the Grim Reaper himself is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Is it a good idea to have Baldwin playing Trump the week before he’s hosting the show? I don’t think he’ll play the president the entire episode, mostly due to his health, but also because we’re pretty saturated. Then again, maybe that’s what they want? Just an entire episode where Baldwin craps on Trump until the president finally caves and sends a bunch of goons to shut it all down. Or President Bannon does, who knows.

The decision to make Steve Bannon the Grim Reaper is definitely the best thing to happen on the show since the election, so that’s welcome.

(Via SNL)