Alec Baldwin Returns To ‘SNL’ To Hold Donald Trump Accountable For His Promises

Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump was conspicuously absent from last week’s SNL, the show’s first episode since the Celebrity Apprentice host was elected the next President of the United States. Instead, the cold open went to Kate McKinnon-as-Hillary Clinton covering “Hallelujah” by the late Leonard Cohen. Baldwin, who was handpicked by Lorne Michaels to impersonate Trump, has said that his first impulse was to decline the offer, because “you need to have at least some appreciation of the person… for which Trump, I have none.”

Was he done spraining his jaw? Not exactly.

“I’m going to do it again this weekend, but not all that often,” Baldwin explained to Vanity Fair. “There was a lot of things online that was said about it — like why didn’t I do it after the election? I was booked that weekend. Not even other jobs; we have things to do. It crashes every weekend.” (He was probably busy watching 30 Rock reruns on Netflix, too.) So, Baldwin might not be on SNL every episode, but he was there tonight to Google “what is ISIS?”

Everyone from Mike Pence to Mitt Romney (played by returning cast member Jason Sudeikis) dropped by Trump’s office to inquire about the promises he made during his campaign. They left disappointed, although not as disappointed as McKinnon’s pitch perfect Kellyanne Conway who feels about bad about what she’s done to America. She could use a day (or four years) off.

(Via SNL)