‘SNL’ Cut Sketch: Brie Larson And Aidy Bryant Give A Sexy Musical Eulogy On The Oregon Trail

Here’s what I don’t get about these SNL cut sketches, and maybe one of you guys can help me: How in the world, in a 90 minute show, can you not find just under five minutes for a sketch about Brie Larson and Aidy Bryant performing inappropriate, sexually suggestive, Mandy-Moore-style pop songs during a eulogy on the Oregon Trail? I mean, good on the show for putting it on YouTube so it didn’t just vanish into thin air, but come on. Cut one of the other sketches. Trim Weekend Update. Bust into the local 11 p.m. news and start the show early. What are they doing with those last five minutes anyway? Some puff piece about a huge watermelon to make up for opening the broadcast with five stories about shootings and house fires? Cut that mess for time, not this.

Also: How great is Aidy Bryant in these types of musical sketches? She steals most of the pre-recorded music videos (see, “Do It on My Twin Bed“), and the Britney/Mandy sexy baby voice she does in this is damn near perfect. Please especially note the “Oh yeah” that ends the run that starts around the 1:30 mark. Just wonderful.

So, what did we learn here:

  • The local news needs to get it together.
  • Eulogies can be fun!

I think that about covers it.