‘SNL’ Delivers A Musical For The Keyboard Warriors Making A Difference With Political Facebook Posts

We all know “that guy” who endlessly shares political posts on Facebook in an effort to make a difference in the world. Maybe you are that guy. While the intentions are pure, we all know that these posts do little beyond alienating friends, family and exponentially upping the chance you’ll be called “cuck” by a stranger.

Life is hard for these political Facebook posters, but SNL has their back with a rousing musical starring Louis C.K. and the rest of the cast. It’s depressing, but also makes you tap your toes.

In a social media landscape full of fake news, it’s the real stuff that gets to “Scott,” played by Louis C.K. at his head-shaking best. Poor Scott is just learning about the refugee crisis and the horrors of the world. What can he do but share this news with his 80-some Facebook friends?

Sure, maybe some of the “news” he was sharing was propaganda, but it’s leading towards a positive change! Thanks to Scott, he brought the problems of the world to an end. Thanks to Scott, black lives finally matter.

Scott cares so he shares and he knows how to resist — with a hashtag and some cleverly placed emojis.

Thank you, Scott.

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