‘Saturday Night Live’ Brilliantly Mocks Fox News’ Caravan Coverage In Their Cold Open

11.03.18 10 months ago 6 Comments

If you thought Alec Baldwin would skip this week’s SNL just because he was recently charged with a misdemeanor, then you were right. We have no way of knowing if that’s the reason there wasn’t a trace of his version of The Donald in the final episode before the mid-season elections this Tuesday. But whatever the case, the cold open managed to work fine without him…by focusing on his character’s favorite channel, Fox News.

The night’s opening skit revolved around Kate McKinnon reprising her devastatingly uncanny impression of Fox News host Laura Ingraham, best known amongst the mainstream for mocking teens who survived an unspeakable gun massacre yet still holding onto her job.

In between shilling for ridiculous products that haven’t ditched her (like “warm ice cream”), McKinnon’s Ingraham spent her time mostly on the “caravan” of migrants slowly — very, very, very slowly — making their way to the American border on foot. It’s been a favorite target among the president and his dittoheads, yielding countless queasily bigoted dog whistles. Many journalists and pundits have called out such statements for what they are. But SNL’s version of Ingraham wasn’t having it. She defended the commander in chief.

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