‘SNL’ Mashes ‘The Fresh Prince’ With Nuclear Destruction In This Cut For Time Sketch With Gal Gadot

Mango enablers Saturday Night Live has made a habit of sharing their cut for time segments online for fans and armchair Lorne Michaels to gawk at and compare to what actually made that week’s show. It’s been great to be able to see a lot of great sketches that would be burned in some sort of 30 Rock incinerator otherwise (or whatever it is they do with tossed material) and it’s also a smidge frustrating to compare to sketches that flopped in the live show. Sacked stuff like the clip nestled above was inexplicably cut from Saturday’s Gal Gadot outing and its silly to think why that would be.

Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett unleash the laidback white guy goofball rap anthem of 1987 AND 2017 in the “The Last Fry” which includes Gadot as a striking woman who eats the titular last fry. It’s all good times, frivolous duuuude problems and shenanigans with a backdrop that isn’t really super accommodating for hungry doofus rap. Essentially, it’s dark, it’s funny, it’s infectious and it should have been on the broadcast of Saturday Night Live instead of in this convenient YouTube chunklet. All good. Happy to have it.

Saturday Night Live continues season 43 this weekend with the combo of The Big Sick star Kumail Nanjiani and dependable pop veteran P!nk.