‘SNL’ Tries To Prove Once And For All That ‘God Is A Boob Man’

It’s hard to spoof recent religious films. They’re already so ridiculous as is, with blatant product placement and plots like, “A Christian teacher [is] forced before a judge for honestly answering a question about Jesus in the classroom.” Truly, no one is more oppressed than Christian Explains It All. But SNL still had some fun with the God’s Not Dead 2‘s of the world with “God Is a Boob Man,” a very funny parody of what Kirk Cameron have wrought.

Vanessa Bayer plays a “small town baker without a care” who has her faith tested by two gay men who want her to make them a wedding cake. She just can’t do it, though, even though gays are the most powerful force in America. They threaten to sue the baker until she says three simple words: “God is gay.” When she refuses, the case goes to court, where Bayer, with some help from a desperate governor, aims to “prove once and for all that God is straight.” From the makers of God on the Run and Angel in Denim: The Kim Davis Story, it’s God Is a Boob Man, coming this fall to a stuffy church basement near you.

(Via SNL)

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