‘SNL’ Scored An Exclusive Interview With The Cop Who Arrested Justin Bieber

The only real surprise about SNL covering the drunken exploits of Justin Bieber was that it took until Weekend Update to get to, and that Kate McKinnon didn’t play Canada’s most 30-year-old lesbian of boy pop stars. Cecily Strong spoke to the cop who arrested Bieber, and he couldn’t be happier. He couldn’t be less scared, either: Bieber’s so unimposing, him yelling was like getting “barked at by a puppy who smells like Smirnoff Ice.” The sharpest jokes were reserved for Bieber’s dad, who’s “what would happen if Ed Hardy released a line of people.” It’s rare to see SNL go after a former host so hard. Then again, Bieber was as big of a douche as you think he is, so…