‘SNL’ Captures The Highs, Lows, And Extremely Boring Moments You’ll Experience During Graduation

Graduation time has come once again, meaning we’re about to inundated by commencement speeches, messages to graduates, controversial incidents, and much more. If you are graduating, it is probably a daunting time, but it does come with a few things to remember about graduation ceremonies — almost everybody has been involved at one point, and those people have had similar experiences. SNL hits on this during their graduation commercial sketch during Amy Schumer’s episode this week.

The girl who can work the microphone, the extremely smart kid who is bitter about his inability to connect with his fellow students, the Gestapo-like attitude towards anything fun. Yes, the line is long, and we need to keep it moving, but that doesn’t mean a guy can’t wear his sunglasses on the stage. It’s high school.

That said, choosing to do your protest during the graduation march is probably ill-advised. Not only are people burning in the sun or sweating inside of a humid gymnasium, but they’re also not in any shape to listen to your words and act on them. And unless you’re at a large school, with a lot of national attention or a big name giving a speech, just wearing a gown denouncing the meat industry isn’t going to cut it.

Kenan Thompson continues to be the real star of the show, though I’m not sure how common the principal falling off the stage is at this point. But between that and his butchering of the Indian student’s name, he’s responsible for some of the funniest moments in this sketch.

(Via SNL)