Prepare For Halloween With Some Of The Best Spooky ‘SNL’ Sketches Over 42 Seasons

SNL has featured some great Halloween sketches over the years, transcending the generations of the show to create some lasting fun. Richard Pryor’s Exorcist sketch in season one set the tone for what was to come — and was pretty damn funny too — and it has only gotten better since then thanks to the likes of Davis S. Pumpkins from Tom Hanks in season 42.

This supercut from the folks at SNL captures some of those great Halloween moments in one place and gives us an excuse to relive some of the better periods of the show once again. That includes a classic Matt Foley with Chris Farley at the top of his game.

The clip seems to be in lieu of an actual Halloween special this year — though there will be one on Comedy Central on Halloween morning — but it isn’t like we can relive most of these sketches in full online. The fact that I don’t have to pop in a DVD to watch Richard Pryor choke Laraine Newman to defend his mother’s honor is a treat by itself. There are a few missing from the list, though. There could be a few reasons why John Travolta as Dracula might not be included, but where’s the Bruno Mars Amusement Park sketch? Bill Hader is fine as Vincent Price, but I want him as a barbershop quartet member carrying a chainsaw.

It’s OK. Like I said, we can watch them any time we want online and there’s no reason to complain. We’re lucky to get Halloween sketches at all seeing how Christmas has already invaded our lives for the season. It’s depressing.

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