Hillary Clinton’s Walks Through The Woods Get The Bigfoot Treatment On ‘SNL’

Despite Hillary Clinton’s election loss, there’s still plenty of reason for Kate McKinnon to pull out her impression, including this skit called “The Hunt for Hill,” which delivers exactly what the title promises. Two hunters try to track down the rare and elusive Hillary after she’s spotted walking her dog in the woods near her Chappaqua home. Such real-life encounters always hit social media, since no one can resist bragging about meeting Hill in her natural environment. So, the subject was ripe for parody.

Vanessa Bayer plays a witness who saw the Hill streak past her kitchen window: “It seemed like it kind of wanted some time to itself, so I immediately started running after it.” Privacy be damned, Bayer was dead set upon thanking the Hill, who trucked on out of there. The hunters then try various maneuvers to pull her out of hiding, including a mating call that sounds like Hillary’s laugh and a “trap” that includes an article about Jill Stein’s recount efforts (which aren’t going so well in Pennsylvania).

In the end, the skit acts as a decent reflection upon the first true stunner of an election loss in the digital age. Hillary’s trying to effect some semblance of normalcy, and her supporters just aren’t ready to let her her go.