‘SNL’ Makes A Game Show For The Trump Era With ‘What Even Matters Anymore’

In the current climate, it seems nearly impossible to keep up with every new and shocking thing that President Trump does or says. Within the last two weeks, Trump has referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as “sh*tholes,” bragged about selling jets that only exist in Call of Duty to Norway, continued to tweet us closer to nuclear war with North Korea, and been exposed as allegedly having an affair with a porn star right after his wife had given birth.

After a while, it can all seem to be a bit much, especially considering the fact that the President has yet to face any kind of consequences. If you’re feeling a little bit worn down by, well, everything, SNL has the game show for you: What Even Matters Anyway.” Host Jessica Chastain quizzes her contestants as to whether or not any of the President’s actions really matter anymore, and despite their protests that they do, Chastain reminds us that “Actually, it does not matter. Zero consequence and everyone just moves on.”

While it ends on a slightly optimistic note encouraging people to vote in order to make the President’s actions have ramifications, What Even Matters Anyway will probably speak to any viewer who feels like they need to start a news-based drinking game to make it through the week.