Cecily Strong Saves ‘Weekend Update’ On ‘SNL’ With The Return Of Cathy Anne

USA Today singled out this segment from “Weekend Update” for Cecily Strong calling out Donald Trump near the end. She does indeed call out the president-elect in character as Cathy Anne, saying “I know he’s watching,” but focusing just on that really buries one of the funnier bits from the entire night. It’s only the third sketch with Cathy Anne since 2014, but it really helped with Saturday’s episode.

Most of the episode with John Cena spent time commenting on the wrestler’s gigantic arms and shooting out jokes on rapid fire mode. And Strong was still going pretty fast as Cathy Anne, but she was supposed to and it worked so well. Michael Che couldn’t hold back his laughter and she just kept pouring it on by comparing the alt-right to McCafe at McDonald’s. No need to church up the name when everybody already knows what they’re getting.

Strong is moving quick here, but there’s a lot of ground to cover. She’s got to talk fake news, the alt-right, highlight her psoriasis, joke about her time in prison, and toss out a few jokes about people only using the internet for porn. She also delivers that Michelle Obama line much better than Hillary Clinton did the entire election, but with a different spirit behind it.

If this wasn’t the funniest bit of the show, it was certainly the funniest bit during “Weekend Update” and deserves a little more than just focus on whatever Trump’s reaction will be to SNL this week.

(Via SNL)