John Goodman And Bill Hader Bond As Anthony Scaramucci And Rex Tillerson To Kick Off ‘SNL’

Entertainment Editor

Alex Moffat’s Anderson Cooper opened Saturday Night Live with a massive list of stars trying to fill the many, many roles ripe for satire that are being escorted from Donald Trump’s White House on a daily basis. Kate McKinnon returned as Jeff Sessions to comment on last night’s firing of Andrew McCabe, saying, “this was sneaky for me. I’m just a simple man trying to make life bad for immigrants and now here I am taking away the pension of a Christian white. It ain’t right!”

Then, Cooper decides to welcome former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to his desk, played by a perfect John Goodman. Tillerson recalls his firing this week, hearing from Chief of Staff John Kelly: “He said, ‘are you on the toilet, because I’ve got some bad news.'”

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