SNL’ Perfectly Captured What A Day Off Must Be Like For Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway

Even the staunchest of Donald Trump critics are likely to feel a pang of sympathy for his campaign manager after last night’s edition of Saturday Night Live. (Yes, Kate McKinnon is just that good.)

McKinnon once again channeled the perpetually busy Kellyanne Conway on SNL, this time in digital sketch form with Conway’s dream of a “day off” dissolving with every single cable news interview where she has to play damage control expert and spin doctor extraordinaire. Would Conway love to spend her time doing yoga, rollerskating and enjoying the occasional intimate bath with her partner? Of course she would, but that familiar mobile phone vibration just won’t leave her be.

“Yes, he did say that it is gross to watch gay people eat pasta, because he wants them to eat healthy food,” explains an exhausted McKinnon/Conway reacting to one of many insta-scandals.

If you’re in the mood to play conspiracy theorist, this seems like as good a time as any to point out that Kellyanne Conway was conspicuously absent from today’s Sunday morning news chat programs. Politico reports that Conway was slated to appear on both Fox News Sunday and Meet The Press, but those appearances were cancelled with Rudy Giuliani in her place. (We may be sensing a theme.) Maybe Conway saw Kate McKinnon beaming with the sounds of “Walking on Sunshine” blaring and figured she deserved that day off. Could you blame her?