Kellyanne Conway Makes Her Musical Debut In Style On ‘SNL’

If it wasn’t enough that SNL gave Russia some time at the top of the show to celebrate Donald Trump, they managed to give Kellyanne Conway an entire musical number right in the middle of the show. The Trump administration adviser already got plenty of praise this week from Samantha Bee, but SNL might actually take the cake based on production value alone. If you like Chicago, All That Jazz, or any of those classic Hollywood musicals, you might be a fan of this.

If anything, this is definitely one of the finest performances by Kate McKinnon. She has been playing the dread-filled Conway for too long on the show, it’s nice to see her cut loose with a different take. It’s a nice toss back to the day off sketch that happened before the election, except this time she gets to enjoy herself. There’s no need for damage control and the song ensures that even if it is needed, she’s up for the task.

That said if somehow we end up with some of these shows dumping unwarranted praise on the rest of Trump’s administration, we might have to rethink what’s happening in our lives. Are we afraid of the reprisals of President Trump or are we just having a good time? It’s the latter, but let’s keep with the fear narrative.

(Via SNL)