People Can’t Get Enough Of Kit Harington’s ‘SNL’ Sketch About Annoying Video Game Characters

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From Theresa May’s handling of Brexit to Kit Harington’s beardless face, nothing was safe on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Not even non-playable characters (NPCs) in virtual reality video games. In the pre-recorded sketch “New Video Game,” Pete Davidson stops by a gaming store to try out a new (fictitious yet believable) VR rig for the popular (and also fictitious) game Earth War 3. The result? Several minutes worth of Davidson becoming increasingly frustrated with Harington, Ego Nwodim and Mikey Day’s annoying NPCs.

TL;DR Davidson’s player enters the world of Earth War 3, specifically a safe house run by Damien (Harington) and worked by Ethan (Day) and Nox (Nwodim). Every time the former tries to advance through the game’s story or at least try to get a weapon before venturing outside into the zombie apocalypse, the NPCs interrupt his gameplay with an increasingly useless discussion of the drama between Ethan and Damien. Even a zombie played by Chris Redd interrupts his attack to ask about it!

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