‘SNL’ Destroys Some Of The Magic From ‘Willy Wonka’ With ‘Golden Ticket’

No one ever questions the child abuse and odd living situations that run rampant throughout Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. For good reason. The movie has that magic and people don’t want to focus on the specifics of a German boy possibly dying in a giant pipe full of chocolate. That is unless you want to make wild fan theories.

But SNL decides to go in another direction and throw Willy Wonka off of its whimsical track early on. In “Golden Ticket,” we’re catching up with the Bucket family right after Charlie receives his golden ticket and then finds out that his grandparents can still walk. In the movie, there are no real questions from Charlie as to why Grandpa Joe can walk. There’s also no questions why four old people are lying in bed, thought this was apparently a real thing back when Roald Dahl wrote the original story.

Still, Charlie doesn’t take the revelation very well and seems a little angry that Grandpa Joe decided to lie around in bed with the other grandparents. Charlie is out there running dog fights, dropping out of school, and doing whatever he can to keep the family afloat while Grandpa Joe and the other blue hairs are at home eating cabbage water and snoozing. It’s not fair, even if one of Charlie’s grandmothers does have polio.

Pete Davidson as Grandpa Joe is pretty spot on, though, and Kate McKinnon’s one line is worth it.

(Via SNL)