‘SNL’ Decides We Could Use Some Kristen Wiig Right About Now

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11.10.16 3 Comments

It’s time to get Lawrence Welk out of suspended animation and have the bubble machine roaring. Kristen Wiig is returning to Saturday Night Live.

The oft-celebrated SNL alum has been tapped to host the November 19th edition of the program and we’re confident she’ll do an excellent job and also lure out assorted 00s/10s cast members for friendly cameos. This marks the second time Wiig has taken the reins since leaving in 2012, although it’s not like she’s been in some sort of Eddie Murphy-esque extended exile from the show. Could characters like Gilly, Penelope, and Karina reemerge for this month’s broadcast? It’s not hard to imagine at least one former character or impression popping by. Kathie Lee hasn’t subbed out breakfast wine for cod liver oil, so that seems like a moderately safe bet.

In addition to Wiig’s presence at Studio 8H is the news that Mercury Prize approved Scottish indie outfit The xx will serve as the musical guest. Expect to hear the trio’s single “On Hold” (don’t worry, Daryl Hall won’t sue) and maybe something else off January’s new record I See You.

Before things shift to Wiig/xx, there’s still this Saturday’s highly anticipated episode featuring Dave Chappelle and A Tribe Called Quest. Seeing how this week played out, it will be fascinating to unpack how SNL tackles post-election America.

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