Larry David Drops By ‘SNL’ To Possibly Give His Bernie Sanders One Final, Musical Sendoff

Bernie Sanders will likely hang on to fight with Hillary Clinton until the Democratic National Convention this summer, but his time is likely shorter on SNL. To open the season finale of the show, Larry David returned to play Bernie Sanders one more time and it might turn out to be his final ride as the senator from Vermont.

Weirder things have happened in the past and Sanders might stick around in some capacity if he doesn’t manage to upset Hillary Clinton in some miraculous showcase, but it didn’t seem like the folks at SNL were taking many chances. David had a great run this season once comparisons started to be made between himself and Sanders, even sharing some screen time with the senator during his own hosting stint.

To cap it off, Sanders and Clinton shared a beer together in California before busting out into dance to the tune of Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker. Kate McKinnon’s Clinton gets the last laugh in the end, doing what the real life Hillary has likely dreamed about at one point or another.

Here’s hoping that David at least gets a chance to return in the fall for just a short appearance or two. Maybe Sanders will end up with a cabinet position?

(Via SNL)