Louis C.K. Opens ‘SNL’ With A Rapid Fire Monologue About Racist Chickens And White Privilege

The last time Louis C.K. hosted SNL, he got into it with head honcho Lorne Michaels over the length of his monologue. It was a lesson for comedians everywhere to tighten up their jokes about child molestation and racism. Tonight, however, C.K. was on-point not only in length but was his usual controversial self with a slew of relatively wholesome but still dark humor.

Louis decided to come out in his signature crumpled suit rather than a crumpled black t-shirt and immediately went into a stand-up routine:

“Why did the chicken cross the road? Because a black guy was walking behind him.”

Oof. The joke was then extrapolated out into an explanation that chickens aren’t racist, they’re just unfriendly and stressed out thanks to the fact that 100% of them are eventually eaten.

Louis wouldn’t ease up on the anthropomorphizing of racist or just plain jerk animals. He riffed on goats (I want a goat so I can have a trash can to make love to), moose, the fact that giraffes have tall necks, and horses who make that ppffbtbtbtbt noise because you suck.

It was like Louis was auditioning for an upcoming sequel to Zootopia that’ll be a hard R.

But of course, he quickly (because time is of the essence) moved on from joke to joke in rapid fire fashion. In typical Louis fashion, he complained about life on the road and his ever-evolving persona as a razor-sharp curmudgeon with issues about being racist. He just wants that white privilege even if he knows it’s horrible.

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