‘SNL’ Makes Romance Needlessly Complicated Between Kristen Stewart And Pete Davidson In ‘Meet Cute’

Last night’s edition of SNL wasn’t just a carnival of accidental f-bombs, romantic awakenings sponsored by Totino’s and Melissa McCarthy turning in a Hall of Fame performance. There was also an adorable Lifetime-friendly short that managed to morph into a tense against-the-clock thriller in a surprisingly short period of time.

Kristen Stewart and Pete Davidson play star-crossed lovers in a charming pre-taped piece titled Meet Cute. As suggested by the title, Stewart and Davidson have a “meet cute” that appears to bring two soulmates together. The only hiccup? Pete managed to get a dinner date with the woman at the coffee shop, but he should have probably written down her last name, the location of the dinner and a time would be helpful too. These sorts of small details never seem to cause any problems for romcom stars, although in Meet Cute this sends Pete on a frantic quest to enjoy a meal with Kristen before it’s too late.

“Have you ever been in a situation where you meet your soulmate and just need the help of a friend,” Pete asks a barista in the hunt to get more information on this mystery woman.

“No,” responds Mikey Day’s coffee vendor.

It’s a sweet, funny and oddly thrilling piece. Give ‘er a gander in the viewing rectangle above.