‘Meet Your Second Wife’ Is ‘SNL’ At Its Most Hilariously Uncomfortable

It’s usually impossible to tell who wrote which SNL sketch, unless Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are the hosts, and you’re pretty sure they did. For instance, I don’t know for certain, but I bet Tina and Amy wrote “Meet Your Second Wife,” one of the more hilariously uncomfortable things SNL has done in years. It’s yet another game show sketch, except this time, the contestants are three men who are told their futures by the Sisters stars. And what do they see? That each of them is going to marry a much younger woman.

Bobby Moynihan’s future-wife is currently in eighth grade (and loves horses), Taran Killam’s second-wife is five years old, and Kenan Thompson’s? His lady love hasn’t even been born yet. She still has six more months to go.

Reaction to the sketch online was mostly positive…

…except for this guy.

If your goal was to have viewers tune out & turn off you sinking show… then mission accomplished… All the comments I have read so far are apologizing for this creepy skit… If you fell the need to apologize for this new SNL Pedophile programming then you know there is something really wrong here… Now you need to find the courage to say something about it rather than apologize for it… WTF SNL More Pedophile Programming Indoctrination. You sick motherf*ckers need a serious change in management now…if you expect to stay on air (Via)

The more “SNL pedophile programming,” the better, I’ve always said.

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