‘SNL’ Highlights The Difficulty And Fun Behind The Scenes Of Melissa McCarthy’s Ride In New York As Sean Spicer

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There was a lot of media attention going into this past weekend’s SNL with host Melissa McCarthy. The Bridesmaids star has been playing Press Secretary Sean Spicer this season and her hosting appearance followed a memorable week in the Trump communications specialist’s life — apparently spent living in the bushes. Reports circulated on Friday showing McCarthy riding around New York City as Spicer on his motorized podium from the sketch, building anticipation for the latest and possibly final appearance of the Press Secretary on the long-running comedy show.

The sketch itself was indeed memorable, featuring Spicer in the bushes and a makeout session with President Trump, but this behind-the-scenes clip shows that it took a little extra work to get things perfect. The live bits were fine but it was clear that most folks were interested in the tease they saw on the streets Friday. As you can see in the clip, many people came out or stopped to take pictures of McCarthy as she moved through traffic. Seeing folks running down the sidewalk and holding up their cell phones like they’re filming a rock concert is fun to see as they’re trying to shoot the sketch.

It’s definitely not a thing you’re going to be able to keep secret in New York City, at least not for long. I’m surprised there weren’t more people honking and causing a fuss at the slower traffic, though. When the fire truck made its way through, I really expected some sort of panic and some curse words from a passing firefighter.

She also managed to get one more swipe in a Spicer in the bushes, though the real world Spicer is facing bigger troubles now.

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