Melissa McCarthy Returns To ‘SNL’ As An Even Angrier Sean Spicer

Following her incredible performance as Sean Spicer in last week’s episode, Melissa McCarthy returned to SNL in tonight’s cold open, which should make the White House Press Secretary very happy. You know what makes me (and everyone) very happy (and terrified)? Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions.

The sketch begins with McCarthy-as-Spicer promising that she’s “calm now.” It lasts for all of three seconds. She digs into his box of props, she chews the largest stick of gum ever, she turns the White House briefing room into QVC, she tells Glenn Thrush of the New York Times to not “f*ck” with her,” and she pulls out a leaf blower that blows Cecily Strong’s skirt up. McCarthy also scolds the press for not covering terrorist attacks like the Bowling Green Massacre (“not the Kellyanne one, the real one”) and the “Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.” (Who expected a The Band reference? Put your hand down.)

But the funniest moment of the cold open is when McCarthy shows off her high heels, a reference to Donald Trump allegedly being “deeply disturbed” that Spicer was being impersonated by a woman. “Trump doesn’t like his people to look weak,” a donor told Politico, even though, to quote Stephen Colbert, “I have met Melissa McCarthy and she could kick the ass of every man in that administration.” Or at least run them over with a mechanical podium.

Watch the sketch above.